Friday, July 30, 2010

Dad still not feeling good.

Up at 7 a.m. with Fred.  While on the morning walk I spotted a blue Heron and tried to get a picture of if but I was not successful.  I guess I made too much noise because it flew off.  The only critter I got a picture of was a pregnant cat that followed Fred and I all the way back to the camper.



This is the area surrounding a portion of the campground.


Our site. #93

After breakfast John and I went over to my Mom and Dad’s.  John cut their grass while we were there. Dad had another night with bad headaches and had to take pain medicine again.  He had another doctor appointment this morning at 10:15 so that his condition could be evaluated.  He got two more shots and was sent home again.  They are still awaiting additional test results.  I sure hope he feels better soon.

In the afternoon John stayed with my Dad while my Mom and I made a Wal-Mart run for groceries.  As soon as we returned Mom and I began cooking dinner.  My sister, Annie came over after work to join us.  Our dinner menu consisted of roasted chicken, fresh green beans, creamed potatoes, salad and rolls.  Of course we had to have  a dessert.  Mom made banana pudding. Yum Yum.


Sockey thinks the banana pudding is all his. Not!!!! LOL


Sockey giving my sister a hug. Awe. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I'm so sorry your dad's not feeling well. It's the worst when someone you love is experiencing pain. I'm sure he's really happy to have you guys there. Hang in there! You've got a sweet looking sister. I bet yall never fought ;)

  2. My little girl and I LOVE your sock monkey pictures. She always brings her monkey, Sockrates to look, too! They are so funny.

    Sure hope that your father is better soon. This is a rough time of year to be sick - we are in NW AL, so we can definitely relate to the heat and humidity!

    Beautiful campground. My little one said she would take the pregnant kitty... I said "no way"!! lol

    Kerri in AL :-)

  3. I feel so bad for your Dad...Having sinus trouble all my life, I can understand the headaches...Hopefully they can give him something to ease the pain and clear the infection. It's good you all had a family dinner. I'm sure he enjoys your company...