Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dinner with our RV Friends

Day Four of SOITC Rally.  John and I, along with several other members, watched a demonstration on how to wash your RV without water or  a ladder.  The person demonstrating sells cleaners and polishes.  It really works but I failed to get a business card from the man and I don’t remember the name of the cleaner.  I will try to get it tomorrow.  A lot of help I am today. LOL

The RV dealership where we purchased our 2011 Mobile Suites from is about 30 miles from here .  We had an appointment with them this afternoon to replace the Mobile Suites decal on the front of the rig.  While there we noticed an unusual colored new rig being serviced for pick up.  It was so unusual that John took a few pictures.





This is the most unusual color scheme I have ever seen on a Mobile Suites.  I would like to see what color the tow vehicle is.

The tech finished our decal in just enough time for us to get back to the campground and meet up with some fellow RV friends for a cookout.  It started raining on our way back but it did not last long.  We were able to meet under the pavilion so the weather was not a problem.  The food was delicious.  We had burgers, slaw, baked beans, spinach & artichoke dip, chips, jello salad with banana cake and a very yummy chocolate creation for dessert.  We enjoyed visiting with our fellow RVers and sharing our RV experiences.


(from bottom left to bottom right) Harris, Ann, Bill, Savannah, Lester, Me, Jan, Barb and RJ.


(from bottom left to bottom right) Me, Jan, Barb, RJ, Harris, Ann, Bill, Savannah and Lester.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Cleaning the Hiker without washing..what a novel thought. I busted my butt washing ours about a month ago, and I can see the dreaded black streaks beginning to re form from all of this rain .
    Just for the record, I prefer the RV colors that blend in with nature, not ones that look like a carnival ride :-)))

  2. What lively colors. The group seems so happy...hope you all had a good time together! Hugs!

  3. Now I want to trade ours in for that color of red. It will match our Golding motorcycle. An added plus is I am a huge Chiefs fan so the red would be perfect on football Sundays.

    Sure wish we could have attended the rally, looks like you are all having fun.

  4. Just checked your itinerary and see that we will be in GA at the same time June 11-14 , however we will be in Tifton GA which is quite a ways South of where you will be...bummer! Maybe we will meet on the road some day....Loretta and Bill