Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun with friends, wildlife and a hail storm.

Up early and over to Rapid Tire and Alignment in Rapid City to get the tires balanced and the front aligned on the Freightliner. It was going to take a while so we had to leave it there. Mike and Leslie came by and picked us up. We had all planned on getting together today. The decision was made to do some sightseeing so we stopped by Subway for some sandwiches and off we went into Custer Park. Mike and Leslie were here last year so we had great tour guides.


Lunch time at a picnic table just below Charles Badger Clark’s cabin known as Badger’s Hole.


Charles Badger Clark’s Cabin. He lived alone in his cabin and was known to have published poetry.

I think we picked a good day to tour the park because there was wildlife everywhere.


Buffalo walking along the main road.




John spotted some elk. This is the best picture we could get.


Scenery viewed from the fire tower.





After leaving the fire tower Mike drove us through the wildlife loop. This was so cool. Lots of wildlife out today.


A mother Pronghorn and her baby.


Buffalo everywhere.




Baby Buffalo


Mother Pronghorn and two babies.


Wild Burros. They sure love crackers. Once you give them one they don’t want to leave. LOL



Okay, that was a little too close. LOL


Purple wildflowers.

It was after 4:00 and we were making our way back to town when John received the phone call saying the Freightliner was ready to be picked up. Mike dropped John off and the rest of us stopped off at Wal-mart for a few groceries for dinner. By the time we met at our place dark clouds were forming so John hurried and put the pork chops on the grill while I got the potatoes and some salad together. We were all enjoying our meal when the sky became dark and the wind kicked up. Then the hail moved in. It sounded like someone was throwing rocks on the RV. The hail storm lasted about thirty minutes leaving behind damage to vehicles and RVs. We were lucky to only receive a cracked air condition cover and a damaged slide awning. A few sites down from us a Tiffin Motorhome lost an awning. Our neighbor across the street received damage to his truck and 5th wheel. Mike went out to check on his truck after the storm and found damage on the side and hood. This is the largest hail I have ever seen.


Notice how big the hail is. John put them next to the 16 ounce water bottles to give you idea of their size.

Hopefully the bad stuff has all passed through for the night.

We enjoyed our day with Mike and Leslie very much and appreciate them taking us on the Custer Park tour.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Oh, my that is huge hail! I have never seen hail that size. Luckily you did not have too much damage.

    I loved the pictures of all the animals you saw earlier in the day. You took some great photos.

    Enjoy your stay and hopefully you will not experience any more bad weather.

  2. Hi, we are in Cave City and hear that that storm you had yesterday is moving this way..don't know what to do except pray that it misses us with the huge hail and winds. Supposed to leave tomorrow but may postpone a day ...we shall see....Lorettarecismar

  3. WOW! You were very lucky for the small bit of damage you got..Those cubes could knock a guy out..and Dennis has had enough cracks in his head LOL! Stay safe!

  4. Beautiful scenery! We have not made it to that part of SD yet. If they have hail that big we may not be in a hurry. Glad you did not have to much damage.

  5. Sheryl and I were just talking about visiting the Dakotas. Looks like great scenery, we will make sure to check out the area. Thanks for the Pictures.

  6. Those burros love carrots too. We were told at the RV Park to take some along. I think those beautiful flowers are lupines, but wouldn't swear to it. Loved all the pictures

  7. Glad you escaped without more damage from those ice cubes!

    Btw, made grilled okra last night for dinner (inspired by your recent post). Tossed it with olive oil and sprinkled with some Slap Yo Mama. Johnny was skeptical, but ate it all so I guess it was okay ;-)

  8. I've never seen hail that size. Heard of it, but not experienced.

    It must have been hellacious.

  9. Wow... the hail was HUGE!!! Sorry you got a little damage. Custer State Park is definatly one of our very favorite places to be... Go to the lodge and try the Buffalo Stew it is fabulous!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe