Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dixie Stampede

Day two of the SOITC Rally.  We attended seminars on RV products, extended warranty insurance and how to fix and repair woodwork.   Tonight’s entertainment was the dinner and show at Dixie Stampede.  The musicians who played during the  pre-show entertainment segment were very talented.  Everyone had a good time and plenty to eat.  The great thing about attending a rally is the wonderful people you get to meet.  It is fun to share travel stories and other RV experiences with them.   I tried to get a picture of a group of us that were sitting together.


(from left to right) Ann, Bill, Judith, Robert and Harris.


Harris and Jan.


The view of the balcony across from us in the carriage room before the show.


Bluegrass musician entertaining us before the show.


Banjo picker, bass player and guitar player.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Sounds like you kids are having a great time...We are in the big heat up here..high 90's the past 3 days, but tomorrow a high of 70...Which means some mean storms tonight!! Y'all stay safe!

  2. I used my homemade laundry soap for the first time today, and I am very impressed. I like the smell too. It has a clean smell to it. I am using plain white distilled vinegar for a softner and it works well also. Thanks agin, you have made my frugal heart so happy.