Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost Here

Woke up at 9, actually Fred woke us. Got up and had grilled cheese sandwiches and bacon. I was determined to install the Edge Juice with Attitude on the truck, the old Edge EZ that I sent back for updates could not be repaired so I upgraded to the EJA which has gauges for EGT, engine and tranny temps, boost pressure and other handy information, it will also read check engine light codes as well as reset them. That took til about 1pm. I also started ribs at 9:30 and took them off at 2:30, cooked at 225 degrees, they were tasty for supper with beans and mac salad. Supper was delayed for me due to the mall boss calling and asking if I could come in and help take down table umbrellas and chairs, that was from 5:45p-7:15p. Watched TV and napped between 3-5:30p. Hurricane Gustav will be here tomorrow sometime.

Stay Safe

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