Thursday, June 3, 2010


Up at 7:30, after computering, blog reading and Colorado reservation setting we headed over to my brothers. Plan was to get mail sent back home for birthdays and fathers day gifts and the stuff we bought for Robert and Kelsey. Also on the agenda was Walmart for prescriptions and Bed, Bath and Beyond for a kitchen item for Sandie. Harold got off around 11 and when he got home we left for Walmart to drop off prescriptions. On the way Harold asked what was for lunch. Answer: Seafood Kitchen. At WM we dropped off the scripts and were told the pharmacist will have to call the Madison, MS WM to transfer the scripts and it would be an hour or so before it would be ready. From there was Seafood Kitchen, Harold and I had the seafood sampler which was fantastic. Bridget had grilled shrimp with baked potato and apple sauce, Sandie had the fish with baked potato and slaw. Excellent food if you are in the area. Located at 31 Royal Palms Drive, Atlantic Beach, FL. From there we headed out to BB&B and picked up the item for Sandie. Back at WM 3 hours later and they can't find my prescription. Turns out the pharmacist had not yet called Madison WM. They were also out of one of Bridget's meds and would have to order it so we will return tomorrow after 3 to pick all of the scripts up. We went back to Harold's and forgot about the mail so it will go out tomorrow as well. We played a few rounds of 10 penny then to the trailer to feed Fred and let him out. Back to Harold's for supper of pork chops, potato's and green beans, yummy stuff! After supper more 10 penny with Nicole and her two kids. Nicole is H&S's daughter. Fun times til 9. Harold has to get up at 4:30 for work. Back at the trailer chilling.

Stay Safe

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  1. Just wondering where you're going in Colorado. We're leaving southern California next week and will be in Colorado until August 3: Lake City, Taylor Park, Ridgway, and Dolores. Will you be near any of those places?