Friday, June 11, 2010

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Slept in today….until 9:00 ….even Fred. I think that is the latest that dog has ever slept. We have not had biscuits for breakfast in a while so I made some. That is not what we should be eating but sometimes you just want something besides cereal or oatmeal.

After lunch we drove over to Tybee Island and toured the lighthouse and museums surrounding it. On the drive back to Savannah we stopped on a pullout and took a picture of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse which was surrounded by water. We then drove to Fort Pulaski to get my lighthouse book stamped for Cockspur Island lighthouse. The funny thing was we only had $3.00 in cash between both of us. It cost $3.00 a person to go beyond the gate. Since all I wanted was to get my lighthouse book stamped John said he would wait at the gate and I could go and get it stamped. It took all of five minutes if that long….good thing because it sure was hot outside. I got the book stamped and picked John up at the gate and headed for the campground. The ride home was interesting because I was driving. John usually does all the driving when we travel and of course we don’t agree on …..let’s just call it driving strategy. LOL Yeah…even though I had to drive through the City of Savannah during the late afternoon traffic, we made it home in one piece. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. It's a shame you both didn't go into Fort P - they have so much to see there. They take credit cards for gate admission now I think.

    I have the Lighthouse passport book too, with Tybee and Cockspur stamped so far.

  2. Your pic is gorgeous! I love the blue sky in the background with the strong red color of the lighthouse. Thanks for sharing it.