Friday, July 1, 2011

Brutus the Bear and Old Faithful

Today our adventures took us to Grizzly Encounters in Bozeman, Montana. This is the home of Brutus the Bear. He and his owner appear on the National Geographic Channel from time to time. When we arrived at Grizzly Encounters there were two young bears out for viewing. We were told Brutus would be out at 2:00 p.m. so we decided to return to see him after lunch.


Maggie five years old.


Jake five years old.

Earlier Annie and I found a flyer for a place called The Coffee Pot in Bozeman. The Coffee Pot is a small café in the front of Mountain Arts Pottery. Terry drove us there for lunch. This place is supposed to be known for their award winning cinnamon rolls. Annie, John and I had the homemade chicken pot pie and Terry chose the BBQ pork sandwich. We all got cinnamon rolls for a dessert. John and Terry ate theirs but Annie and I chose to get ours to go. The cinnamon rolls were good but I have had better. The pottery was beautiful but a bit pricy. After lunch we returned to Grizzly Encounters to see Brutus the Bear.




more Brutus.


and more Brutus.

Later in the afternoon we drove back into Yellowstone for another look around. Our first stop, Mammoth Hot Springs, turned out to be rather exciting. On our way out John was walking ahead of me and saw a snake among some bushes. We gathered around hoping it would come out into the open so we could get pictures. Shortly, a small crowed gathered to see what we were looking at. After we got our pictures and were just watching the snake a man came up and decided it would be cool to step off of the walkway and go pick up the snake. What an idiot!



We ended up at Old Faithful and were just in time to see it erupt and get some pictures.




I also got some pictures of what I thought was pretty scenery.





After leaving Old Faithful we drove around for a little while longer before heading back home. By this time is was almost dusk.


Terry kneeling in the snow. We tried to get him to make a snow angel but he wasn’t falling for that. LOL



Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Love the pictures of Brutus. The scenery pictures you took are also amazing.

  2. Them really are great pictures y'all took. Now regardin' Terry, y'all wrote "Terry kneeling in the snow. We tried to get him to make a snow angel but he wasn’t falling for that." I.M. wonderin' if it were cause y'all were askin' him to be a fallin' angel. :)

  3. Great pics of the bears... but the guy picking up the snake is NUTS!

    Karen and Steve

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