Friday, July 29, 2011

Walk through downtown, Lone Pine State Park and Baseball.

Aunt Eloise picked us up this morning to give us a tour of downtown Kalispell. We walked through lots of stores browsing at merchandise mostly. One of the stores sold items made in Montana only it was called Think Local. Some of the unique items were vases and floral arrangements made from old fence posts and bowls and vases made from used lassos from rodeos. Another store, called Western Outdoor sold Western wear on the top floor and antiques in the basement. Lots of cool old stuff.


Think Local (Montana Made products only)


Western Outdoor (Western wear and antiques)

By the time we got through walking around it was lunch time. Aunt Eloise treated us to her favorite place, Saigon Garden. The restaurant features Vietnamese and Asian entrees. Food and service were both good. Thanks Aunt Eloise for a tasty lunch.

After our lunch we went to Lone Pine State Park to view the scenery.


John and Aunt Eloise.


Me and Aunt Eloise.




Me, Aunt Eloise and John at the lookout point of Lone Pine State Park.


Scenery along the walking trail.


Tonight John and I attended Aunt Eloise’s grandson, Nathaniel’s baseball game. After the game we all went back to her house for cake and ice cream.


John’s cousin Sheryl and her son Nathaniel.

Oh, by the way, the GE repairman never called to set up the appointment today. So much for 24 hour call return. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. What happened to John , he's not wearing a blue FD issue tee shirt, Oh wait I see the FD emblem on his white tee. Okay, hate to see him out of uniform.Have fun, be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. How cute is Aunt Eloise ... oh and you guys too!!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe