Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Estimate for repairs.

After leaving Lakeside this morning we took the RV to Special Effects to get an estimate to repair the damages. The body shop owner said the damage was cosmetic only and that he will get pricing for the parts to give to the insurance company. Now we are waiting on the insurance adjuster.

Our next stop was Rocky Mountain Hi Campground in Kalispell. We got settled in then made a Wal-Mart run for some much needed items then back to the RV for lunch. The next order of business was contacting GE to make an appointment to get the convection oven fixed. John was on the phone for a while trying to get a human to talk to instead of the automated crap. When he finally got through the guy told him he had sent an order to have someone set up a time for the repair…..within 24 hours. Yeah right, like I really believe that will happen. Oh well, time will tell. LOL

Tonight John and I went back over to visit with Aunt Eloise. She prepared a delicious dinner of sausage, rice, garden salad, fresh strawberries and a coconut cake. Thanks for dinner Aunt Eloise. After dinner we played two rounds of 10 Penny. John won the first one and Aunt Eloise won the second. Me, well I came in last. LOL

Aunt Eloise has a green thumb. I couldn’t resist taking a couple pictures of her flowers.



Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Glad the repairs will only be superficial...and yea, LOL with the oven fix..Enjoy Big Sky country!

  2. The fact that you have such a nice rig makes getting dings even more regrettable (and likely?) Thankfully, it was minor and will not diminish your adventure in such pretty country.