Thursday, July 21, 2011

Convection oven bit the dust.

Up around 9:00 this morning.  Can’t believe we got to sleep so late.  Fred the alarm clock must be getting lazy. LOL 

Later on in the morning, Kathy, Chuck, Arlene and I went riding around the area and got a few pictures of the scenery.  The views in this area are just beautiful.  Thanks Chuck for being our tour guide today.










This afternoon I put a cream sherry cake in the oven to have for dessert tonight.  I set the timer but when John went to check on it, the cake wasn’t done and the oven wasn’t hot. Oh No!!!  Looks like the convection oven has bitten the dust.  John got on the phone with the GE people and you know that was like an act of congress to get any assistance.  Anyway the cake was placed in the regular oven and finished baking.

Tonight the Idaho Gang had lasagna, bread, green salad and fruit.  We enjoyed our food with lots of laughs and lively conversation.  Such a great bunch.  The temperature today has been a bit cooler so we didn’t hang around outside long after dinner.   Finally, when the cake was done, John and I brought it around to give everyone a piece.   Sure hope we can get the convection oven fixed soon. 


Lynette, John, Kevin, Gregg, Chuck and Kathy.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. What a beautiful place you're at!!! Glad you're having so much fun with the gang! Congrats on the new granddaughter coming. We have 2 and there is mothing like it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Den and I stayed at Stanley Idaho in a log cabin once..elevation 7000ft...They had a lot of small planes flying fishing parties out of that town...
    I rarely use our RV oven...except to heat a pizza now and then...Mostly I use the oven to store my brandy and sweet vermouth for an occasional Manhattan...

  3. I have never used the convection oven or the stove oven...I use a toaster oven,,,electric and not a hassle....Loretta