Friday, July 22, 2011

Golf, Flea Markets & Chase the Ace.

Today John, Mac, Chuck and Kevin went to play 18 holes of golf. Mac and John were on one team and Chuck and Kevin were on the other one. Chuck and Kevin won by two stokes. While the men were off golfing I went with Arlene, Kathy and Netters to the local flea markets. After browsing through the flea markets we stopped at an ice cream parlor. We sat on the deck of the restaurant watching people paddling rafts and canoes down the waterway. A very relaxing afternoon.

Tonight the Idaho Gang gathered for dinner outside. We enjoyed grilled chicken, potatoes and green beans, crescent rolls, green salad, skillet corn, watermelon and a yummy cake for dessert. Directly after dinner we all decided to play Chase the Ace. Kevin won two games and Netters won one. So far John and I have not won any games. We sure had a lot of fun losing though. LOL Oh well, better luck next time.


Netters, Mac and Kevin waiting for the next round.


Chuck and John.


Kevin and Chuck.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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