Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Frank

Happy Birthday to my friend and former co-worker Frank.  Hope he had a great birthday today.

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John spent a portion of his morning on the phone with GE, the Body Shop and the Insurance company.  How much fun can you have in a day?  He found out that GE has scheduled the repair for the convection oven in Gillette, WY not Kalispell, MT.  Now something just doesn’t make sense here.  John first called GE when we were in Thayne, WY, told them we would not be in Gillette, WY until August.  GE said they could not schedule an appointment that far in advance and  told him to call to set up an appointment when we reached Kalispell, MT and they could schedule it during our stay in that area.  Ok, today when he called for an update he was told an appointment has been scheduled for Gillette, WY.  What is up with that?  I think they are confused.  Oh, well I guess they will be calling us back.

We found out today that the estimate was faxed to the insurance adjuster so we are waiting to hear back from the insurance company as to when we can take the RV in for repairs.  Glad to hear the ball is rolling on that.

Today UPS delivered our new shades for the RV. Yeah!!!  Now maybe they will all match.  We haven’t opened the box yet but it can wait for another day. LOL

Tonight John and I went over to Aunt Eloise’s for another visit.  While there John cut a path into the woods until the mower gave out.   Aunt Eloise fixed beef stroganoff and vegetable stir fry for dinner.   Very tasty.

Of course the night would not be complete without a game of  10 Penny.  Surprise, surprise……I actually won. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. I tell you some of these service departments that we have to deal with leave a lot to be desired. People just don't have the work ethics and knowledge of their jobs like the OLDEN Otherwise guess all is going well with you guys with the repairs and Aunt Eloise is so darn cute! Saw her on FB. I really love older people I just want to hug them all! Miss my Aunts & Uncles!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps... hope someday to run in to you all and learn 10 penny!!!