Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bodark (Osage-Orange) Trees

The weather was nice today; sunny skies and warm temperatures.  A good day for a long walk so……off we went.




As we walked through the park we noticed lots of odd looking trees with green balls on them and on the ground.  John said they are bodark trees or Osage-orange trees.  When we got back from our walk I had to look that up on the internet.  I was amazed to read that today the fruit is sometimes used to deter spiders, cockroaches, box elder bugs, crickets, fleas, and other arthropods.  Hey, I am for anything that can deter a cockroach.  Can’t stand the nasty things. LOL


Bodark tree.


A ball or  “the fruit” from the tree.  The green balls are so hard they could give you a concussion if they hit you on the head. LOL

Look who showed up today….that pesty sock monkey.


I guess he escaped from the cabinet. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Those trees are Hedge trees and the balls are called Hedge Apples...They are all over eastern Kansas. Glad you guys are back on the road again and am anxious to see you guys again..."HUGS"


  2. We use to slice those Hedge Apples, dry them in the oven and make wreaths from them..One problem..they stink like the Devil when baking...not a good idea in your RV...

  3. They're called Hedge Apples in the Ozarks too. I also remember making crafts from the dried slices too but we just dried them outside, not in the oven..K

  4. Just the other day I was trying to remember what else these trees were called, besides Hedge trees (which is what we called them). I kept saying, "It's Ozark something....or Orange something...."

    Thanks so much for refreshing my memory of the Ozark Orange!