Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wash Wax All

Woke up to nice weather again today. John got outside and washed and waxed the RV with his new Wash Wax All, a waterless cleaning kit. This was his first time using it and he really liked it. It is easy to use and really cleans well. The kit was originally invented for waterless washing and waxing of aircraft. We were first introduced to it at the SOITC Rally in Tennessee back in June of this year. While we were at the Escapees Rally in Gillette John went by the Wash Wax All booth and decided to purchase a kit. His exact words after using it were, “I like it a lot.” LOL If anyone is interested in this product the website is: G & L RV Specialties.

Late this afternoon Mac and Netters picked us up to go into town for a few groceries. While we were out we decided to try out Arnold’s Diner. John, Mac and Netters had burgers and I had the open faced hot turkey sandwich. The food was ok, not a place I would visit again.

Tonight the moon appeared to be almost full. Very cool to look at.



Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Gotta look into that Wash Wax All...sometimes they don't like you to use their water at campsites to wash your behemoth camper...Gonna check online for it..