Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Broke down on I-135

Up and out of Alma, NE by 10:30.  Our day was going great until just South of Salina, KS on I- 135.  John and I heard a noise and thought it might be a tire so he pulled over and we got out and walked around the RV and saw nothing wrong.  We got back in and headed off again when the truck lost power then started blowing white smoke.  This was NOT good.  John thinks it might be a turbo.  After several calls and hours waiting help arrives. Yeah!!



This is never a good sight.


Here we sit watching the traffic go by and waiting on the tow trucks.  The whole time we sat here we never saw a police car come by.




Yeah!  Help arrives at last.  This is the tow truck for the Freightliner.



Hooked up and ready to roll.


The tow truck for the Mobile Suites arrived.


The tow truck guys getting ready to leave with with Freightliner while John drove the truck towing the Mobile Suites.  The windshield was quite dirty.


And we’re off to the truck repair shop then to the campground.


John driving  one of the tow trucks.  He is happy we are making progress.


Fred worn out from his traumatic day.  By this time his dinner was three hours late.  Poor doggy.


Almost to the truck repair shop.


Yeah we made it…..now on to the campground.


Finally….here we are at Spring Lake Campground in Halstead, KS.

Tomorrow we hope to get word on the truck.  The towing company guys were very helpful.

While we were getting set up the couple from next door came over to introduce themselves.  They recognized John and I from working on the parking team at the Escapees Rally in Gillette, WY.  Small world, huh?

What a day?  We are tired tonight and hope tomorrow brings good news.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Oh no -- sorry to hear about your mishap. Glad you made it safely to the campground. Hope the problem turns out to be an easy fix.

  2. Oh! No! Sorry to see you guys breaking down. Waiting on the side of the road is not fun. Glad you guys made it to the campground safe.

  3. Hope it's under warranty and nothing serious, a turbo should be covered. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. So so sorry for you mishap and know the feeling well...we also lost turbo on the truck last year in guess where? Goodland KS!!!! Also lucky there was a Chevy dealer in town that could repair it because it is in the middle of nowhere! Good luck and hope all works out well...Loretta and Bill

  5. YeeGods! Sounds like quite a trauma..I would be just like Fred..depressed. Hope it isn't a huge fix...

  6. Bummer on the truck problems but at least you have nice neighbors. Hope you're back on the road again quickly! K

  7. We can certainly relate! You are not alone-check out our blog. We are homeless in Cheyenne as our motorhome is being repaired. It was towed earlier in the week. We wish you all the best and speedy fix!