Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dad still not feeling well.

My Dad is still not feeling real well.  He was able to eat more today and take less pain medicine.  That is good news.

Up at 7:00 with Fred for his morning walk. Today is our first full day of our no nonsense eat healthy diet.  We decided to join Nellie in her quest.  Today was not as hard as I thought it would be.   We didn’t even sneak any junk food in. LOL

John has been working on new return air vents in the RV so that we can use residential pleated air filters.  He said the pictures will come later. We made a run to Lowe’s for supplies and I sat in the truck waiting on John.  I figured it would only take him a few minutes.  NOT!!!!  While waiting I amused myself by watching the people come and go.  As I looked over to the car parked next to us I  noticed there was a multi-colored sock monkey in the backseat with a seat belt on.   How funny is that.  I pulled out my camera and tried to get a picture.  The picture is not very good because of the glare off the car window but if you look closely you can see the sock monkey with the seat belt over his legs. He is quite colorful.


After lunch John and Terry (my sister’s husband) worked on the air vent project at their house.  While they worked my sister and I visited.

Tonight John and I met our son Robert, daughter-in-law Kelsey and their friend Garcia for dinner.  Robert chose EDO Japanese Restaurant.  It is one of his favorites. They ordered some Sushi and everyone had some but me.  I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet.   John ordered the Teriyaki Chicken and I chose the Hibachi Shrimp.  The food was delicious.  Of course that might be because we were starving. LOL

Tomorrow John and I are having breakfast at the fire house with C-Shift.  It will be good to visit with them.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Sorry your dad is not feeling well...I hope that he will begin to improve each day.
    Cute sock monkey!!
    I love the new pic on your blog (the big header pic). So pretty!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Dennis and I are on Nellie's "eating healthy" plan too...Last night there were 3 slices of our pizza left over...

    Hope your dad is feeling better soon...hugs to all...

  3. Could that monkey be one of Sockey's colorful kinfolk? He has other kinfolk at Cracker Barrell too, a pink Sockey monkey!
    I hope and pray your dad is feeling better real soon.