Thursday, July 15, 2010

More 10 Penny at Shannon’s

Slept in until 8:00 this morning then read blogs and caught up on emails. After lunch we headed over to Shannon’s. Fred went along with us today.

We played a round of 10 Penny then it was time to go to the Dairy Queen for banana splits and other treats. Every year Harold and Sandie have a tradition of going to Dairy Queen for treats on Lester’s birthday. Yesterday was Lester’s actual birthday but he wanted to wait until today to have his banana split.

When we returned to Shannon’s we resumed our 10 Penny playing. After the the first round John and Harold relocated to the living room.


I think they both fell asleep but in this picture Harold was watching TV while John slept on. That last 10 Penny round must have worn them out. LOL


Fred, Savannah and Lester also relocated to living room. Savannah is hidden in that zebra blanket.

Later Savannah modeled her new cheerleading uniform for us. Go Peake!!


For dinner tonight Sandie prepared lasagna with garlic bread. It was very tasty. Thank you Sandie. Of course, after dinner we resumed playing 10 Penny. On the round when you are trying to get a set of four Sandie and I were not having any luck. When someone finally went out this is what I had in my hand.


Now looking at all these cards you would think that I could get a set four cards of the same number. I ended up with 155 points. After I had counted my points Sandie said, “ I thought we were trying to get two sets of four.” This is what she had in her hand. Yes, that is five 6's in the upper left.


She realized at this point that she had had what she needed all along. We all laughed because…..what else can you do but laugh. We had a good time.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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