Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sending hugs to Savannah.

Today was moving day. Don’t know why but we did not get up until 10:00 a.m.   WOW!! Wonder why we can’t seem to get up early anymore.  This retirement stuff must be hard work. LOL

We arrived at our next destination, Canal Campground in Grand Rivers, KY, around 2:30 p.m.   The temperature was 93 degrees this afternoon and the humidity made me think I was back in Mississippi.  Hot Hot Hot!!!!!


Front view of our site. (Site #24)


Rear view of our site.

After everything was set up we rode into town to look around.   We rode around the Kentucky Dam.




We also stopped in at Patti’s to made dinner reservations for tomorrow night.  Patti’s was booked so we will be dining at Bill’s which is part of Patti’s.  John and I walked around the Patti’s Settlement area and stopped for ice cream and pie.  Our friends Betty and Joe told us about this place last month when we were visiting with them.  We did not get to go then so we will be meeting them tomorrow night.  Can’t wait to see them again.  We always have a great time together.

Later this afternoon our niece Shannon called to give us an update on her daughter Savannah’s hyper-extended shoulder.  She had a doctor’s appointment today and it did  not go as she had hoped.  She will have to see an orthopedic surgeon in August and may have to have surgery.  This will mean no cheerleading for her for a while and she is very upset.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her.  Savannah, we are sending you hugs through the internet.


Here is Sockey sending Savannah a hug.

When the temperatures finally dropped a  little John decided to sit outside and chill out for a while.


I think he has it down to a fine art. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. So sorry to read about a possible need for surgery for Savannah. I hope all goes well with the specialist she will be seeing and there is a happy outcome.

    Nice campground there! Enjoy it.

  2. I really hate to hear Savannah might need surgery. I know that must be terrible for someone her age and being a cheerleader. We'll be thinking happy thoughts!!

    Yep, retirement is tough work....but hey, somebody has to do it. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Thank you. I hope I don't need surgery, either. It made me laugh when I saw the Sock Monkey, I needed that. Thanks.

  4. We're new to your blog...We have a long history with firefighters, Den's (my husband) dad (now deceased), Dennis, Sandwich Fire Dept. Hose Captain (retired), Kelly, our son, Oswego IL Fire Dept. Lt. Thanks for tagging along with us...if we ever get to go anywhere!! Shout out to Savannah, from an OLD cheerleader who injured herself MANY times...Hang in there girlfriend!!