Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RV Tour, Bed & Breakfast, Doggy Hotel & Laughter

Today was repair day for the RV.  The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m.  I did not want to get up and wanted to hit the clock.  We had an appointment to drop the camper of at Indiana Interstate Enterprises at 8:00 a.m. this morning.  We will be staying at a local bed and breakfast called Village View and Fred will be staying at a doggy hotel called It’s a Dogs World.

011 This is the sign at the entrance to the bed and breakfast.


Side view of the bed and breakfast from the parking lot.


This building has a ping pong table, dart boards and a sitting area. The small building sitting behind this one is the chicken house.  The horse shoe playing area is between these two buildings. 


This is the view of the bed and breakfast from the road.


A broader view of the house and buildings.


Rear entrance of the bed and breakfast and the old buggy parked out back.


This is Fred’s doggy hotel for the night.  I don’t think he was too happy when we left.

We are hopeful that the repairs will be completed by tomorrow.  If not we will have to stay another night at the Village View.

This morning, after dropping off the camper, we toured the DRV (Formerly Doubletree) plant where our camper was made.  Our tour guide said it takes eight days for the construction of a unit then it goes into the paint shop.  This was a very interesting tour.


The sign at the entrance of the DRV plant.


The road leading to the plant.


See the new campers in the back.


These are going to and coming from the paint shop.

For lunch John and I stopped in at a local diner called The Gathering Place.  We had been riding around for a while and as soon as I ordered I asked where the restroom was and was told it was out of order.  Not good when you really gotta go. LOL  John and I both ordered a hamburger and fires and split a cinnamon roll then ran off to Wal-Mart to use their restroom.

Later in the afternoon we checked in to the Village Inn and John took a long nap.  When he got up it was time for a dinner search.  We drove over to Sturgis, Michigan and decided to stop at a place called DaVinci’s Italian Restaurant.  John ordered veal scaloppini and I had the chicken picata.  We split a slice of berry cheese cake for dessert.  I still think John’s cheese cake he makes is much better.


The dining experience was entertaining because of the customers.  At a table in the rear of the restaurant was a table of three.  One of the men was a large man who had a very distinctive laugh.  The kind that makes you laugh whenever you hear it.  His speaking voice was so loud I could hear his entire conversation……with only one good ear.  I call his kind of laugh a guffaw. He talked about everything from having a heat rash to Christmas figurines.  The whole time we were eating we had to stop and laugh.  Then another group comes in and there was a lady in the bunch that also had a unique laugh.  I will call her cackler.  Mix all of these laughing sounds and funny conversations together and you really have something to laugh at. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. We got our jack fixed yesterday and I hope it stays fixed. Hope all your stuff gets done and Sam gets to come home. We have been in hotels for the last month and only home for a while on the weekend.