Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting with Shannon and Family.

Today is a travel day.  Got up early and started getting things road ready.  We are traveling on to Milton, West Virginia and will be visiting with our niece, Shannon and her family.

We arrived at Jim’s Campground and Car Wash in Milton, West Virginia around 2:00 p.m. and got settled in.  That’s right it is also a car wash.  Actually the car wash is at the top of the hill and the campground on the bottom. The campground is rather small but it has 50 AMP, concrete pads and free WiFi!!!  Yeah!!! My kind of place.  The scenery isn’t much but we are going to be visiting family so that doesn’t matter. We have not seen anyone to pay yet. I am sure they will surface soon. LOL


Later in the afternoon we drove to Wal-mart to pickup my prescriptions that I could not get at the previous Wal-mart.   As usual when I went to pick them up they filled it with generic AGAIN!  So I had to wait again while they changed it.  It seems the other Wal-mart failed to inform them that it had to be the real thing and not generic when they transferred it.   I don’t know how many times it takes to get it right.  John just shakes his head at me because he knows this is my pet peeve.  I did finally get the right prescriptions. Yeah!!!  Ok, now I will get off the soap box. LOL

After the Wal-mart fiasco we drove over to our niece, Shannon’s house.  John’s older brother Harold and wife Sandie had arrived the previous day.  We all went out to dinner at Giovanni’s for the Italian buffet.  The food was very good.  Upon returning to Shannon’s we played a round of 10 Penny.  Harold was the winner of the round.  Since John’s back was bothering him from the drive we left early so he could take some meds and  relax. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trials.  Stay safe.


  1. WalMart did this to me a couple of times...I switched to WalGreens. Might have to switch again once we get on the road full-time.
    How do you like your Mobile Suites? We are trying to decide between a Doubletree and K-Z Escalade.
    Kathy and Robert

  2. John my back is aching all the time now. I have to exercise everyday to stay in shape and I think it will be the death of me. Hang in there and stay safe...see ya soon.