Saturday, July 17, 2010

Laughing until you hurt.

Woke up this morning to thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Luckily it moved through quickly and the sun came out.  Mid morning we headed over to Shannon’s to spend the day.

We played a couple rounds of 10 Penny then loaded up and went in search of some lunch.  Our choice today was O’Charley’s.  John and Shannon ordered the steak and ribs.  Savannah ordered the sirloin steak.  Lester chose the burger and fries and I finally decided on grilled shrimp.  After lunch it was on to Wal-mart for a few groceries and a bulb for the Ram’s rear brake light. 

Upon returning from lunch Shannon and I got on my laptop and worked on her resume.  While Shannon and I worked on the resume John went to check out their computer to see if he could get it up and running.  He cleaned the disk, defragged and removed programs that were not being used.  It looks like it might be ok now but we won’t know until the internet is back up and running.  As soon as we were finished with that it was time again for more 10 Penny.  We began playing and Shannon decided to call the cable company to see if they could re-activate the internet so she could determine if the computer was fixed.  Poor Shannon, while she was on the phone John did his best to make her laugh.


This is John with my bracelet hooked to his glasses.  His attempt to make Shannon laugh was successful.

Believe it or not she actually got a real person on the phone who did not talk like they were from Pakistan or India.  John will check the computer in the morning to see if it will work.  Savannah was very excited at the possibility of getting her computer up and running.

By this time it is dinner time.  John and Lester drove over to the local KFC for a bucket of chicken and some sides.  When they returned we opened the bucket and ……you guessed it.  It was all wrong.  John ordered a twelve piece bucket.   There were 13 pieces of chicken……none of them were breasts.  I sure hate dark meat chicken.  We ate it but after dinner John called them to let them know about our order and told them his short wife was angry because she did not have chicken breasts.  They told him to come back and they would give him four chicken breasts because of the error.  The funny thing was the man told John that the girl behind the counter has a hard time distinguishing chicken breast from chicken thighs.  By this time I am thinking…..”People how hard can it be”.   Maybe I am wrong but look at this picture and tell me which is which.  It is a no brainer. LOL


Ok…..time to stop talking about the chicken.

Once the chicken fiasco was over it was back to our 10 Penny game.  Lester suggested playing the rounds backwards.  We tried this and the laughter started.


Shannon was laughing so hard at John she had tears rolling down her face.


Then Savannah started cracking up.


Then Lester.


 Then me.

It was like a row of dominoes falling….once one person started laughing we all started.

After we all stopped laughing we noticed one of the cats hiding behind a plant next to where we were playing cards.


Looks like he was trying to get away from all our noise.  Poor thing…..there was no escape. LOL

One round ended with everyone holding the same numbers.



By the time we the last round was played it was 10 o’clock and Shannon’s clock started chiming.  This is a clock that Harold and John had worked on two days in a row.  We think the chimer is now fixed.  To make sure Shannon counted the chimes.


Yeah….it chimed ten times for 10 o’clock.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. What a great time! Isn't this more fun then in an office. LOL

  2. I couldn't tell the difference between the breast and the thigh! Which one was which?? :) Guess I need some remedial chicken tutorials.