Saturday, July 3, 2010

RV Museum and Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Today our goal was to go to Elkhart, IN and tour the RV/MH Museum and to go by the Mobile Suites dealership and look at the new 5th wheels. On the way to Elkhart I spotted a little cafe that said, “Chicago Style Hot Dogs”. Now John loves him some Chicago Style Hot Dogs but I have never tasted one so……we had to stop. Ok, John was in hog heaven but me…..not so much. He loved all the slaw, relish and whatever else they put on that hotdog but to me it was just too much stuff. Well, at least I can say I tried it. Then it was off to Elkhart again. Upon reaching Elkhart we encountered several detours due to road construction. We finally made it to the museum and it was worth touring. It is so interesting to see how far RVs and motor homes have evolved. I brought the camera along and John snapped a few shots to share with everyone.


This is the sign at the entrance of the museum. We almost passed right by it.


This exhibit is right inside the museum as you enter. The bottom row of 1970 is a picture of a Winnebago Helicopter Motorhome. Winnebago made 2 of these.



Now this is a small camper. Looks like a toy.



Well, this looks like a hearse to me. Kind of creepy.


I like the way this it set up. Like you are traveling down a road.



Now I had to laugh because I can stand up without bumping my head in this one but tall people will definitely have a problem. This one kind of reminded me of a kids playhouse. Holiday Rambler has come a long way.


Oh look, an outside kitchen for Nathan “Dawg”



Now this is one ugly motor home. Made from an 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Chassis. They named this Star Streak II. It looks like something out of Star Trek to me. LOL I actually got in at sat behind the wheel. Not much room for the driver in it.



This is the Mae West Housecar. It reminded me of a trolley car because the back end has a door that opened up to a platform you could stand on.



Carriage looked good even in 1968 don't you think Speedy and Dee. This one was in great condition.

After completing the museum tour we finally made it to the Mobile Suites dealership…..and it was closed. Bummer. The internet said it was open until 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays but NOT!!! So we started making our way back to the campground with only one stop. An ice cream stop. We came across a little roadside ice cream shop in a campground with outside seating only. It was great. We sat outside and ate our ice cream while swinging on a swing.

Back at the campground everyone is getting ready for the live band and fireworks show. The weather has been in the low to mid 70’s all week. It warmed up to the low 80’s today. Still good weather for outside events. We will be able to sit in our chairs at the end of our campsite and watch the fireworks. I usually take a picture of the campground we stay at but I forgot this time. Below is the sign at the entrance.


Tonight the park put on a fireworks show. John was able to get a few pictures.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. What a lovely and interesting day you had. Thanks.

  2. We loved that museum. If anyone is in the area it's well worth the stop. We both commented on the Carriage, for 1968 it was good looking. Great post!!!