Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another sunny day.

The sun was shining through the bottom of the window shade and woke Fred up before 8:00 this morning. Would have liked to have slept later but I am not complaining because that sunshine sure looks good to me.

Not too much going on today. I cleaned the refrigerator out and John cleaned the Freightliner out. After dinner we went for a walk in another part of the park. Took a few pictures. The suspension bridge to the boat rental house. They rent jon boats and paddle boats.






Tonight we settled in to watch the race.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Ya gotta love a sunny day....We are having one here today. Dennis mowed grass I need to get out into the garden and weed...Looks like you have a nice spot!...

  2. I.M. notating that yer a sayin' what y'all and John were a doin', but what about Fred. I.M. thinkin' maybe he were helpin' all y'all by cleanin' out his dog dish.

    Good boy, Fred, it were a tough job but someonebody hads to do it, and y'all were just the feller.