Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sleet and Rain.

Woke up to the sound of light rain falling. Bummer. I was hoping for a sunny day so I could get some good pictures of the area. This afternoon we made a Wal-Mart run into Cambridge for some much needed groceries. Just as we were getting to the truck to load up the groceries it started sleeting. You know I really think this weather is following us. It did not last but a few minutes so that was ok.

We had homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Not the most healthy food but sometimes you just have to have it. On one of Fred’s outings today I took a few pictures in between the rain and sleet.


Our site.


This is the view up the hill from our site. The beige building is the clubhouse.


Putt Putt golf across the street from our site.


Scenery from the top of the hill.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get some sunshine and will be able to enjoy a sightseeing outing.

In yesterdays post Lisa asked what creamed eggs were so I will tell you my dad called it SOS, he was a Navy man. Basically it is a white cream sauce with chopped up boiled eggs served over toast with a sprinkle of paprika (1 Tbsp flour, 1 Tbsp butter, cook over medium heat and add 1 cup milk. Add eggs after it thickens and serve on toast).

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Daddy was in the Army and his SOS was a brown gravy with chipped ham or hamburger in it... man I wish I had some!!!...Thanks for the to Tennessee in October...and make us all some!

  2. My dad used dried sliced beef in his but Bridget makes it plain. Unfortunately we will be in Missouri coming back from the WY Escapade. See ya down the road somewhere.

    Stay Safe

  3. You guys just can't catch a break with the weather can ya? Hopefully summer (or at least spring) will catch up with you soon!

  4. Ya just gotta love the Midwest weather,eh??:-(

  5. My dad liked it with glass jared dried chipped beef too, but he was never in any branch of the service.