Monday, April 11, 2011

We got water!

Cooler today. Started out at 69 degrees and light rain. The temperature dropped to 57 by this afternoon so that wasn’t so bad.

I took Fred out on his first morning walk thinking the rain had passed. We got all the way up the hill where the cabins are when it started raining again. Fred and I took shelter on the porch of one of the cabins. Luckily it was a small shower that did not last long. Since I hate getting wet I didn’t waste any time heading back to the RV. By the time I got back John had gotten up and noticed the electricity was off. He got dressed and walked over to the office to check on the electricity and ask about the water again. John was told the outage had been scheduled by the power company so that they could replace a transformer. As for the water….well, they said it would be the 15th or later.

Around mid morning John spotted the maintenance man walking from site to site turning off the water faucets so he went out to talk him. It seems they finally decided to turn the water on. About an hour later John went to hook our hose up and NO water. He came inside and gave me the news then saw the maintenance man again. Turns out they had to make a repair on one of the faucets so…..WE GOT WATER! Yeah!! That sure makes life easier. LOL The laundry is just about caught up now.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Glad you finally got your water turned on...can't imagine how inconvenient that is...oh yeah, I can!! We are fighting the scrub oak trees with their discharge of sap, caterpillars and leaves...what a mess the top of the camper us at sometime and invite us to your many questions to ask you..Loretta and Bill

  2. YEA!!!! Isn't it amazing how little things like water can make you a "happy camper"....?

  3. Glad you have water It's amazing how little things like having water can make a happy camper!