Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon

No rain today.  It was sunny most of the day and temperatures rose to a warm 62 degrees.  The weatherman says there is a chance for more rain.  What a bummer that is! 

Caught up on laundry and made a grocery run today.  There were a bunch of RVers leaving the park today.  Probably those who were only here for the weekend and returning home for  the work week.  I felt sorry for them because they got here on Friday, it rained all day Saturday and had to leave today.  I remember those days.

I noticed the moon was full tonight when Fred and I went out for his last trip to the dog walk.


If you look close you can see the cloud under the moon.  I thought it was cool looking.

We hope to get some sightseeing in tomorrow if the rain holds off. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Some snow flurries here today...NO, REALLY??? and colder than a witches you know what!!
    I just wanta kiss Fred's sad face in his photo....he cracks me up. I had a Beagle growing up..His name was it when they "bark/howl"...

  2. We have had the wind here! It has blown for weeks and no let up in site. No rain just wind and more wind. Wild fires in West Texas and the wind is blowing the smoke this way...