Saturday, October 9, 2010

BBQ, New Mattress and 10 Penny.

Today we accompanied Cousin Tricia, William and Emily to the old historic town of Westin, MO. We drove through but it was so congested we decided to come back another day. There is an Irish Festival going on through the weekend.

Our next stop was Danny Edwards Blvd. BBQ in Kansas City, MO. We were all skeptical about finding Southern style BBQ in Kansas. A friend of John’s suggested this place so off we went. Tricia has lived here a few years and hasn’t been able to find good BBQ yet so we were ready to give this place a try. We were pleasantly surprised. The meat was very tender and tasty. The BBQ sauce, though not as sweet as would like, was good.



William, John and Emily chanting…..We want food!!!!


Looks like Emily is ready for the pig rodeo. Hang on William.


William’s turn to ride the pig. Hang on Emily.


Flat Clayton even had a chance to ride.

Our third stop was the Nebraska Furniture Market. John and I have never seen a furniture store like this. They have everything from chairs to electronics. It was unbelievable. Today Tricia was in search of a new mattress for Emily. After trying several Emily found a winner. We were in Tricia’s Toyota van so we weren’t sure if the mattress would fit or if she would have to return to pick it up. Upon returning to the parking lot John eyeballed it and decided it would fit….so off we go to the pickup line. Yeah…it did fit.

Next stop…Cabela’s store. We looked around in camping department and the “bargain cave”, were the clearance items were. John found the adapter for his grill that he has been look for. Emily and William used some tokens to practice in the shooting range. This is a cool place with something for everyone.

We returned to Tricia’s house and Emily’s new mattress was taken upstairs and the bed remade. She is all set. Then our attention turned to dinner. Tonight’s menu included rotisserie chicken, pasta and salad. Everything was delicious. After dinner Tricia and I went upstairs to download some pictures to her computer and John played 10 Penny with Emily and William.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. We love good BBQ also and have a hard time finding it. We did find one place here in Indy that has pretty good though. Thanks for sharing...