Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Luigi’s again…..Weston and a sad goodbye for now.

John washed and waxed the RV this morning.  It was very dirty and needed it bad.  Now it is bright and shiny.

After John was finished with the washing and waxing we drove over to Tricia’s.  We had made plans to drive to Weston, MO to see the old Irish town.  They have several unique shops.  Before going to Weston we went in search of lunch.  All three of us decided we would like to visit Luigi’s again.  This time John ordered the baked ziti, which came with a salad, and Tricia and I chose the chicken Caesar salad.  We were surprised that the lunch entrees were just as large as the dinner entrees.  The bread they serve is “too die for” good.  The service and food quality were exceptional, again.

Now it was on to Weston.  One of the most unique stores in Weston was an Irish store called The Celtic Ranch.  They have clothes, jewelry, Irish novelties and lots lots more.  They even offer a cup of free Irish hot tea. 005

The Celtic Ranch.


View of Downtown Weston.

Tonight was our last night to visit with Tricia, William and Emily so we took some pictures.


John, William, Emily and Me.


Tricia, William and Emily.


Emily and William.

We have enjoyed our visit with them so much.  It is sad to say goodbye.  William and Emily are two special young people and are a joy to be around.  We hope to see you all again soon. Thank you Tricia for the hospitality and the laughs.  We love you guys.

Tomorrow will be moving day for us…..on to Carthage, MO.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Those wax jobs are always dreaded, but the reward is wonderful.

  2. That town of Weston looks really neat!....I need John to help me wash and wax our fiver...it takes me one full day to wash it..and another half day to wax it...(and I only wax the front and back..to Hell with it!)