Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stick in the sewer hose.

This morning Mike, Leslie, John and I were up early taking care some banking business. We returned to the campground and as we pulled up in front of Mike and Leslie’s RV Mike noticed a stick plunged into his sewer hose. That is never good. His first thought was “it had to be the squirrel.” For some unknown reason a squirrel has been shaking the acorns off the tree on to their RV. I guess that is the squirrel’s favorite tree. We were all joking about the squirrel yesterday and then this happens with the sewer hose. Mike laughed and said, “The squirrel probably did it.” LOL It reminds me of the movie Caddyshack where the gopher continues to wreak havoc on a golf course. Mike now has a new sewer hose that he will install tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what Mr. Squirrel does next.


Here is the sewer hose with the stick plunged into it.

This afternoon we all loaded up and went to the Mount Pleasant Winery. It is the newest winery in Branson. We tasted the complimentary ones but did not purchase any this time. We just did not find anything we couldn’t live without.


The hour was growing late when we left the winery so on to Wal-mart we went for a few more groceries. John and Mike grilled burger for dinner complete with sautéed onions and mushrooms. They were very very good.

Tonight we played two rounds of 10 Penny. Mike and I came in on the bottom again. What is up with that? LOL We need a rematch.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. "The squirel did it" that histerical. LOL


  2. I'm sooooooooo glad Mike spotted the stick when he did! The scene would have gone from "Caddyshack" to "RV"!

  3. Had to laugh at "It's the squirrel's fault" and Caddy Shack...Bill Murray and the gopher are my favorite parts of that movie!

  4. I just want to know what Mike did to that squirel to make him so mad?

    Enjoy Branson.

  5. That stick could have made for a nasty situation had he not spotted it!...Hey, I like you guy's style...You hit all the scenic winerys..I should be riding along to taste it first, (making sure you don't get any bad wine, of course!)

  6. We rescued a newborn squirrel once, so we now have a special liking on them. They're just very cute, and yes, human say they can be mischievous at times, LOL! :)