Sunday, October 31, 2010

Montana Mikes, MacFarlains & The Wiggle Scooter.

Tomorrow will be a travel day for John and I so today we had restaurant tickets we needed to use.  For lunch we went to Montana Mike’s.  John ordered a grilled chicken salad and I ordered a baked potato with steamed vegetables. 

Tonight Mike, Leslie, John and I went to MacFarlain’s Restaurant for dinner.  We had gift certificates that expire on November 1st and wanted to use them up.  We all had the open faced roast beef sandwich plates with a piece of Branson Traffic Jam pie for dessert.  The pie was very tasty.  It had strawberries, cranberries and rhubarb in it.  I would like to have the recipe.


On the way out of the restaurant I saw these large peppermint sticks and thought I could stand up under it.  I was almost short enough. LOL

As we walked out through the I-Max theater building there was a vendor selling Wiggle Scooters.  I dared John ride one.  Just look at him go. LOL






They sell these things for $40.00 and claim it is fun for ages 1 to 100.  Oh well it was good for a laugh. 

We all returned to our place to play a couple rounds of 10 Penny.  Leslie won the first round with a score of 180 and I came in dead last with a whopping score of 485.  I did not fair so well in round two either.  John won with a score of 85 and I came in dead last again with a score of 330.  It just wasn’t my night. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. LOL at John on the Wiggle Scooter, he reminds me of Artie on Laugh In on the little tricycle. :)