Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Squirrel, Outlet Mall & Charlie’s.

Yesterday while John and I were at Mike and Leslie’s the acorns seemed to be raining down on their rig. As I made my morning rounds with Fred this morning I noticed this little squirrel frantically going from limb to limb shaking the limbs so the acorns would fall. It was the tree right over Mike and Leslie’s rig. I got the camera to get a picture of the squirrel to show Mike and Leslie. It is funny because we laughed about the acorns yesterday and said, “It is probably some squirrel shaking the limbs just so he can get the acorns”. Every time the squirrel shook the limb it sounded like it was raining acorns.


Here is the squirrel hard at work.


Mr. Squirrel on the ground sitting at the bottom of the tree pigging out on acorns.

This afternoon the four of us ventured over to the I-Max theater and watched the movie about Alaska. Our next stop was the outlet mall. Leslie and I browsed in the Kitchen Collection store then moved on to the Name Brand Shoe Store were I found a pair of croc sandals on the clearance rack. Yeah!!!!! It is rare for me to find shoes in my size. Mike and John were hanging out in the Black and Decker store then caught up with us as we were leaving the shoe store. Next Mike and John went to the Harry and David store while Leslie and I walked over to the Le Gourmet store. After browsing for a few minutes we left to go join Mike and John…….they were still at the Harry and David store. You know they had a few samples before we got there. LOL Mike and John had sampled the chocolate covered cherries and suggested we try them. The sales clerk was kind enough to open a new bag just for us. They were yummy. Ok….you know everything in the store tastes good so we purchased some goodies. As we were checking out John asked the clerk for a restaurant suggestion. She suggested Charlie’s Steaks, Ribs and Ale .

On the way to the parking lot we passed some child rides. Mike dared me to sit in one. I thought I could fit but NOT!!!!LOL


Here I am trying to fit into this ride. It is amazing what you will try on a dare. We were all laughing. I was just hoping I wouldn’t get stuck. LOL

We passed another ride so it was John’s turn. Since I made a fool of myself we dared him to sit on it.


Awe look I think that is Barney sitting next to him.

Ok……on to Charlie’s we went. John and Mike had the rib eye steaks with baked sweet potato and salad. Leslie had the grilled pork chop with baked sweet potato and salad. I chose the filet mignon with baked potato and salad. The food was good with the exception of Leslie’s grilled pork chop and Mike’s roll. Her pork chop was overcooked and dried out and Mike’s roll was scorched. They informed the server and she replaced the roll and apologized for the pork chop and told us they had a new cook.

We returned to our RV and played a couple rounds of 10 Penny. Leslie won both rounds. Wow… Mike and I tied on one round and John came in last on the other one.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. I think you should have gotten stuck and had to call the Fire Dept. to cut you out!!! That would have been "fitting!"....teehee