Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fred’s spa day.

Woke up this morning to a very chilly 45 degrees. Fred and I did not go on a long walk this morning… cold and windy for me.

Later in the morning John took Fred to his spa appointment at a place called Dog Naturals Grooming and Market. Fred got the works…..bath, ear cleaning, teeth brushed, nails clipped and a deep tissue massage…..only $28.00. I could not believe the price.



Fred relaxing after his spa day. I know….he is spoiled.

Tonight Leslie and Mike invited us over for dinner. She prepared a stuffed pork loin, noodles, gravy and steamed carrots. It was so tasty. Thanks Leslie and Mike for a great dinner. Shortly after dinner we all headed to the clubhouse for some bingo. None of us won but we had a nice time. As soon as the bingo games were over it was back to Leslie and Mike’s for a delicious pumpkin dessert and 10 Penny.

005 Mike teaching Flat Clayton how to play 10 Penny.

Leslie won the first round with a total of 15 points for the whole game. Wow that is a great score. Mike came in second with a score of 90, a great score too. John and I rounded out the bottom two with me being the loser with a total of 350 points. Just terrible. LOL John won the second round with a score of 50 points. WOW. Leslie came in second with a score of 195 and…..Mike and I rounded out the bottom two……me with 410 points and Mike with 500. We just could not catch a break it seems. Oh well, there is always tomorrow and a rematch.

Tomorrow the park has Halloween activities starting early in the afternoon until late tomorrow night. We plan to attend a few of these. It should be fun.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Fred looks so handsome after his visit to the spa. :)

    Are any of you dressing up for halloween?

    Be well,

  2. Fred looks so relaxed after his spa day!

  3. Awwww, Fred looks so purty! You need to submit him to my new website for a Featured Pet post.

  4. Did Fred get his eyebrows, nose hairs and mustache trimmed too?? I include that with all "male" haircuts....

  5. So what was Flat Clayton's score? :p