Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anniversary Of Richard Petty

39 years ago today our RV-Dreams friends Jim and Dee were married and on their honeymoon Jim had his picture taken with Richard Petty (Guessing Dee was taking the picture). We met Jim and Dee today at the campground we are staying in and after talking about RVing we drove over to the Richard Petty Museum in Randleman, NC. Richard Petty was there and signing autographs. Jim and Dee had their picture taken together with Richard Petty. I also bought two T-shirts and had them autographed, one for Annie and one for Bridget. I also asked Richard if he would sign my T-shirt I was wearing. Just so happens it is my BCFD, Baltimore City Fire Department. Josh Drexler works on Engine 8 and sent me the T. He used to work at RFD, Ridgeland Fire Department on my shift, great guy. If you are reading this please send me another T-shirt Josh (XXL). I must say that Richard Petty is one of the friendliest people a person could ever meet. After signing autographs he walked around talking with people and continued signing auto graphs for those coming in. After touring the museum we went to a local BBQ restaurant for lunch, not the best BBQ I have ever had. After lunch we headed back to the campground and talked more RVing. Jim and Dee left shortly after 3:30 as the weather was getting bad. When we got back to the park the maintenance crew were advising folks to take in their awning as the wind was about 30 minutes out. The wind never made it here.

Jim and Dee

Bridget and John

Richard Petty signing Dee's T-shirt

Richard Petty, Dee and Jim

Richard Petty signing my BCFD T-shirt

To Jim and Dee, we had a great time once again and look forward to meeting up with you two down the road. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

Stay Safe


  1. All I can say is.....

    C O O L!

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Thanks for a great day. What a great writeup on the days activities.

  3. FUN...wish we were there...but sorry you've got the rain! Great photos and thanks for sharing!

  4. Great pics. I am jealous. Terry said heck with Annie a T-shirt, where's mine?? Glad you are having a great time. Be glad when you get back. Y'all have to see what Terry has done to the laundry room. It looks great. See you soon. Love Nee Nee

  5. Sporting the Engine 8 shirt !! I like it !! Rub it in Nathan face as he left his in my car at the airport. What a goof.