Thursday, March 19, 2009

Travel Day

We left 70 degree Alabama at 9am CST and drove down hwy 75 into Georgia and jumped onto I-59 at Trenton. We were planning on stopping at Camping World in Knoxville by I saw a billboard for the Chattanooga Camping World. Billboard read, Camping World, I-75, exit 1. That's not out of the way. We jumped on I-75 and took exit 1, no Camping World, there was a sign for a campground pointing to the right so we went right for a mile or so then turned around and got back on the interstate towards Kingsport, TN. We were able to find the Knoxville CW and stopped for lawn chair recliners and a few other items. We also had sandwiches for lunch then continued on. We arrived at Warriors' Path State Park about 5pm EST. Temp was 48 degrees with a light drizzle of rain. After setting up we went to Walmart for stuff. That's it for today, will get pictures tomorrow.

Stay Safe

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  1. Sounds like y'all have been busy traveling and we've been busy with the fixing up stuff around the house. The floor is in. Tell Bridget pics come later on FB. Ya'll be careful and have a great time. I'll call so you can get another pic of Bridget and me on the phone! Nee Nee