Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lunch With James And Family

Fred after our 1 1/2 mile morning walk

Bridget and Fred on our afternoon walk

Looking at the Clubhouse from Lake Guntersville

Chandler, James, Ryland and Shelia

Bridget at Austin's Steak and Seafood talking to Annie.

This morning started off at 8am with bacon, eggs and toast. We then went on our 1 1/2 mile walk with Fred. When we got back Fred conked out on the sofa. One of the fire fighters on my shift was going to Gatlinburg for vacation with his wife and 2 sons, he called this morning and said his youngest (Ryland) had been running fever last night and Shelia was taking him to the doctor's this morning and they may not make it. We were going to meet them for lunch around 11:30. He called at 11:30 and said they were just leaving Jackson which would put them here about 4pm so we set up a late lunch/supper. We went to Walmart to pick up some stuff and went sight seeing, refueled the truck, and piddled around. James called about 3:15ish and said they were on the Birmingham bypass and would meet us at Austin's at 4pm. We arrived about 3:50 and I was programing the GPS for our trip back to the campground when a horn blew, they had arrived. We had a good visit and a late lunch during which time Annie called then they were on their way to Gatlinburg departing about 5pm. We headed back to the campground and did our evening walk and watched the sunset over Lake Guntersville. That's it for today, tomorrow is a travel day to Kingsport, TN with a stop planned at Camping World in Knoxville.

Stay Safe

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  1. if i may ch. ryland not ryan. its alright if you and mom want to rename him though. We loved the visit with ya'll. had a great time. you two be carefull and see you soon. BE SAFE