Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The North Carolina Zoo

Up at 8:30 for breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Surfed the web, checked emails and read blogs. We decided to go to the North Carolina Zoo today because it is going to rain the rest of the week.

Hope you can tell what all the animals are, I had more pictures but you could not tell what they were, more or less blurry spots in a picture.

The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is well laid out, of course it is in hill country but it is not too bad. It covers enough area to be an all day event. Some of the exhibits were closed because of the cool temperatures. Temps today reached the mid 50's. Right now it is looking like the truck race will be rained out, we will know more on Friday.
We got back to the campground about 5pm after a grocery store and Wal Mart stop. We had steaks with boiled new potatoes and steamed broccoli. Sitting out on the porch enjoying the partly cloudy skies and cool temps. I look forward to coming back to this campground in warmer weather to visit the zoo again. They were building more exhibits to go along with all the others they already have. The brochure says it is "Ranked #1 zoo in U.S. for North American animal exhibits".

Stay Safe

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  1. Love the pics John. We will have to drag Ole Ter' to NC to see this zoo. We could take his camera and get some great pics. He loves wildlife. Of course, our yard is a zoo! Hope y'all are having a great time.