Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bristol Race Day

Smelled the coffee brewing at 8am so we got up, made pancakes, got ready and headed off to Bristol for the last time this trip. We left the campground about 9:15 and 12 miles out both lanes of the interstate were at a standstill. We inched our way there and were in our seats at 1pm. Prior to seating we gave the speedway $20 for 2 cheeseburger, 2 Sierra Mists, and 1 bag of chips. This race was louder then yesterdays race so we wore earplugs. The race was great, Jimmie finished 3rd and lead some laps as well. We stayed to the very end. At that point the sold out crowd all left at the same time including us. We walked back to the truck like yesterday but had to wait forever to get out. We arrived back at the campground at 8pm. Next Saturday we will be going to the Martinsville Speedway for the truck race with Jim and Dee, that will be fun to meet up with them again. We meet them at the RV-Dreams rally in June 2008. Tomorrow will be a travel day down to Asheboro, NC.

Stay Safe


  1. I am SOOOO jealous...wish we were there too! LOL
    Even though we only live a few hours from Martinsville, we've nev er been there!
    Give Jim and Dee hugs for us!
    Molly & Bob

  2. Sounds like fun!! Tell Jim and Dee Speedy said hello. Have a safe trip and above all have fun...

    Joe and Sherri