Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Here

I added photo's to yesterday's blog from the Clarion Ledger online of the tornado damage. Today we have had off and on light rain, we have only been out to Wal Mart and walk around the park with Fred. I vacuumed the trailer on one of the Bridget/Fred walks. This is a tough life with all the trips to Wal Mart and sight seeing and stuff. Tomorrow we are going to the Richard Petty Museum with Jim and Dee Walter where Richard Petty will be signing autographs from 11a-2p. We met them at the June 2008 RV-Dreams Rally in Branson. Dee is a regular in the chat room. Tomorrow will be exciting as it is also Jim and Dee's anniversary. We just grilled 2 ribeyes that we ate with a salad, potatoes and broccoli.
Marcy called to let us know that UPS man showed up to deliver the camera. After looking in the truck for 10-15 minutes he couldn't find it. She asked him what they were going to do and he said he didn't know and that this was not his normal route. She called UPS and they located it in another truck and was delivered late this afternoon. Hopefully the camera bag will not be this hard to deliver.

Stay Safe

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  1. Hey, you better not forget Nee Nee when you go to see Richard Petty. And if Kyle happens to be there GET A PICTURE with him! You know I should be there to navigate you around the race stuff. News is short as I am here. Weather has been bad. Terry caught another delinquent trying to tear up the road today.