Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Think I Am Tired

It's a late post, master bathroom is done as far as repairs. I still have a little painting left on the cabinets and remounting the towel holders and whatnots. This morning started off with sealing the paper with a clear sealant. While this was going on Bridget and Annie went shopping and picked Sandie up at the airport. Her flight out of Jacksonville was delayed so she missed her connecting flight out of Atlanta so she waited for the next flight which was 2 hours later. They called me when they left the airport so I jumped in the shower and when they got here I took Sandie's luggage out to the 5ver for her stay, she will be flying back Monday. After lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, Annie headed home, Bridget and Sandie went to Walmart and then took the dogs to the vet for there shots. I finished putting the sealer on. While the walls were drying I worked on getting the wifi up and running. Fast forward, since Sandie was on Florida time they rang the dinner bell and we went to a deli up the street. When we got home from that the walls were dry enough to start installing the commode, we went back with a hi-rise commode so I had everything but the water supply line, as I was pulling up to Lowes at 8:50 they were taking in all the stuff that is out front so I asked if they were closed, "not yet, we close at 9". Ran inside and back to the house, commode is now operational and I am tired and will be going to bed soon. FD tomorrow then on Saturday the BIG 50th wedding anniversary for the in-laws, their actual anniversary date is today but wanted to have the party on Saturday so more people could make it, should have about 70 folks there. Happy Anniversary Bob and Marcy!!

Stay Safe

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