Monday, March 23, 2009

Now In North Carolina

Got up at 9:20 this morning, bowl of cereal for breakfast. WPSP is a water/electric only campground. With all the showers and clothes washing and dishwasher running we had to dump the holding tanks before we left, of course with us being so close to the track we were third in line to dump. We were on the road by 11:15. Made one stop for lunch at a rest stop in NC then completed our trip.

Our Site

We were set up by 4pm, started washing the sheets and read emails. Just finished supper and about to go on a walk around the park. We're back, set out on the front porch a while.

Bridget out on the porch, Fred on guard duty.

Stay Safe

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  1. Now that is have a nice porch and a good view to boot. Hope you both have fun.

    Joe and Sherri