Sunday, March 29, 2009

Travel Day

Today we moved from 64 degree Asheboro, NC to 48 degree Marietta, GA. I thought it was suppose to get warmer the further South you went. Oh well, it is forcasted to be 70 degrees tomorrow.
To start off this morning we were up at 7:30 to be on the road by 9am. Everything was going as planned until it was time to hook the truck to the trailer, remember all the rain. Well it was enough to turn our lot into a mud hole. At 8:30 as I started backing up the truck would start spinning and the back end that hooks to the trailer would start sliding downhill so after several attempts I went looking for maintenance to get some gravel, it was Sunday and no one was there. I drove over to a couple we had met earlier in the week (this is their home park) and asked them how to get in touch with maintenance. He sent me to the gold Georgie Boy MH to talk with Bill the manager. He could not drive the tractor and sent me to the brown 5ver across the park to see Melvin. He said they were out of gravel but came down to look at what we had, went up to the shop, got the tractor and headed off to the front parking lot and brought back a scoop full of gravel. That did the trick and we were pulling out of the park at 9:03.

The mud hole

Melvin to the rescue

We stopped for fuel and had lunch and then back on the road arriving at 3:30. Checked in and got set up, they have cable here so we watched the rest of the race, we were listening on satellite radio on the way over. I called my niece Renee and we will be meeting her at 7pm at the Marietta Diner which was featured on one of my favorite shows Diners, Drive Inns and Dives.

Stay Safe

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  1. Whew, glad you got out! It was filling up with water when we left, and it rained most of the night. Happy travels going home, be safe