Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday Cookout

John at FD on a 24 hour shift today. I attended a birthday cookout for my friend Kay at lunch today. There were lots of family and friends and good burgers. After everyone stuffed themselves we all settled into the living room to play some Catch Phrase.

Tonight I attended a reunion with former co-workers from the law firm where I worked for a short time after I retired. We had Mexican Themed food and it was delicious. Everyone had family stories and job updates to share and since some of us had not seen each other for two years it was almost midnight before we all left.

Poor John was left to fend for himself for lunch and dinner today….but I think he did ok. He grilled a steak at the FD for dinner. :)

Update on Ina Jo: She is still in ICU and has had a setback. Her lungs have started filling with fluid again and she has been placed on a respirator to assist with her labored breathing. The doctors said they now think it is a strange new virus and that she is the tenth person admitted with these baffling symptoms. She was tested for the Swine Flu but it was negative. Please continue to pray for her.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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