Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mama Hamil’s

John off from both jobs today. Yeah!!!  The day started off with John going to give blood at the local blood drive. As soon as he returned home we called Mike and Leslie to make some plans for the day.  It was lunch time so we decided on Mama Hamil’s,  a local family owned and operated restaurant.  Mama Hamil’s serves a large assortment of vegetables, meats, salads and desserts in Southern style.  If you ever travel to Madison Mississippi this place is well worth stopping for. We all enjoyed the great food.

Since we were so full we decided to take a drive up the Natchez Trace and hike up the Cypress Swamp Trail.  The walk was nice even though the weather was cool.  

We returned home and Bob and Marcy came over brought a video of James Gregory for Mike and Leslie to watch. He is a Southern comedian who finds humor in Southern life and traditions. After watching the video it was time for re-match of 10 Penny.  We decided to play partners, ladies against the men.  The men were victorious…..and they gloated. LOL   We will get them next time. Sure wish Joe and Sherri were here to join in on the fun.  We miss you guys.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. We would both give anything to be right there with all of you. Too bad I was not there to help the guys win that one...well maybe better I was not...they might have lost