Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on Ina Jo

John was off today….from the mall and FD. Yeah!!!! Did not set a clock and even Fred slept late. We had a slow relaxing morning reading blogs and playing bejeweled.

After lunch I met my friend Kay at the movie theater. She was already there when I arrived and had purchased tickets to the Michael Jackson “This is it” tour movie. The special effects and dancing by the backup dancers were very good. There were interviews with the young dancers who were chosen for the tour. For some of them it was a last minute decision to audition for the tour; for others it was fulfilling a lifelong dream.

While I was away John drove over to Upton Tire (where our son Robert works) to get an estimate on replacing the struts and brakes on the loaner car.

I returned home and made a large batch of homemade spaghetti and meat sauce; some for dinner and some to freeze for later.

An update on my sister’s mother in law: Ina Jo is still in ICU. The doctors have determined that she did have a mild heart attack. She had fretful night with labored breathing due to the pneumonia and had to be placed on oxygen. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

To our friend Sherri: We hope you are feeling better today.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Hi there... Sounds like a very relaxing day to me... Sorry to hear about Ina Jo and hope she recovers quickly... Have a great day!

    Travel Safe

  2. Think possitive thoughts about the house and it will sell. Take care and stay safe...we will be in Shreveport Thursday Friday Saturday and leave for Tyler on Sunday morning. Drive over Saturday and spend the day with us. Only 3 hours..HE HE