Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leftovers and Movies

John off today. Yeah!!!! We did not have any definite plans for the day except to get together with Mike and Leslie and see what we could get into. LOL Later in the morning John made a Wal-mart run to get dog food for Fred…. he was running low and Fred would not be happy if he ran out of his favorite food. Of course any food is Fred’s favorite food. LOL While at Wal-mart John stopped by Redbox and picked up the videos he rented on line; The Ugly Truth and Grand Torino .

I called Leslie to see if they wanted to come over for lunch and to watch movies. Mike and Leslie came over and brought some lunch items. We combined their items with some of our leftovers and had a nice lunch.

Then it was movie time! The Ugly Truth would probably be viewed as more of a chick flick but there were enough funny moments to keep the guys interested. The best movie of the two, I think, is Gran Torino. You just can’t go wrong with Clint Eastwood. In this movie he is at his best as he kicks the bad guys butts and improves the lives of his young friends.

Later on we all got hungry and decided on finishing off the Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers. After dinner Leslie, John and I brought out our laptops to check emails and browse. Of course some of us played a little Bejeweled here and there. During this time Mike was working hard removing some cooked on grime on my stove top that I had not been able to get off. It looks like brand new……. Thanks so much Mike.

Tomorrow Mike and Leslie have an appointment at the Camper Corral to have the remaining repairs made to their rig. We will get together with them later on and see what we can get into.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy Trails. Stay safe.

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