Thursday, November 12, 2009

Congratulations Annie

Today started with doctor appointments.  I had an appointment with the dermatologist finally. (Scheduled it in August!!!!)  They are really hard to come by in our area.  John took his Aunt Martha to the cardiologist to have her pace maker checked out.  After his aunt’s doctor appointment John repaired a few items at his Mom’s house in Crystal Springs.

Tonight I attended the Farm Bureau Employee of the year banquet with my sister, Annie Grabiak.  Annie has been with Farm Bureau 26 years.  The last five of these years she has been supervisor of the Word Processing Department.  Beef tenderloin, au gratin potatoes, steamed vegetables, grilled shrimp and salad were served.  The dessert was a chocolate pecan chess pie…..It was to die for.  After everyone had finished with their meal, it was time for the awards.  My sister was awarded supervisor of the year.  She was so surprised when they called her name she was speechless.   Congratulations to her on a much deserved award.

Update on Ina Jo:  She is doing much better and may be moved to a room within the next two days. 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy Trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. Every journal I have read this morning is about food. I am getting hungry.