Friday, March 19, 2010

New Orleans Bound

Today was the FD for me, Bridget was busy straightening up the house for the big sale tomorrow. She stayed busy with other errands as well, Fred to the vet for his road trip shots and toenail clipping and a general check up, off to her mom and dad's to finish with some of the birthday planning then around 5pm headed off to New Orleans with Kay, Amy and Bo for Amy's 50th birthday party tomorrow. They stopped at Middendoff's for supper and should be in New Orleans about now. The big sale starts at 9am and I hope everything is sold this weekend. Almost forgot, I have to pick Fred up before 1pm from the vet. About it for now.

Stay Safe


  1. HAve fun in New Orleans and Happy Birthday SIS!!! Have fun & Travel safe.

  2. Good luck...We are looking at snow later today!!!