Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out The Door

Up this morning a little before 8 and had breakfast, shortly after breakfast people started showing up and calling for the sale that ended today at noon. Annie and Terry came over just before noon. Bridget and Annie drove over to Chick-fil-a to pick up lunch. At noon I started calling the people to let them know what they had won with their bid. After all the calls were made Terry and I loaded stuff for Robert into Terry's truck. Annie, Bridget and Terry went to Robert's to unload. I stayed back waiting for people to pick up the stuff they had purchased. Bob and Marcy came over later in the afternoon. The people picking up the sleeper sofa and other items were there loading up. Shortly after they left the people that bought the bedroom set showed up. They got all but 2 pieces, when they left the four of us headed to Picadilly for supper. On our way home we called the guy to let him know we would be back around 7:45, they showed up around 8 and loaded the remaining stuff. The furniture is just about all out the door. There are a few remaining furniture pieces that will be picked up Sunday and Monday. So, tonight is our first official full time RVing night in the home on wheels.

Just to let you know I added a link under "favorite links" for RV Service Reviews, I picked it up off of Nick Russell's website. It is like RV Park Reviews but for RV service locations nationwide.

Stay Safe


  1. Congratulations on your first night of fulltiming. It seems just like yesterday that you were longing for this day to get here. Enjoy your life and your travels.

  2. Congrats on the getting into the RV. I'm with gypsy, you've come a long way. It seems like yesterday you put the house up for sale.