Thursday, December 16, 2010

3G, 4G back to 3G

Well our new 4G aircard was not compatible with the Cradlepoint router and won't be until sometime in the first quarter of next year so I took it back today and restarted our 3G aircard. But not, I could not get the 3G card to work so I went to the Verizon store and they tried. Nothing. They called tech support and after an hour on the phone tech support said they had not idea why it wasn't working. They said 24-48 hours was there guess on when our aircard would start working. They have there techs working with the other techs to get it going, who knows. This post was brought to you by Bob and Marcy's laptop.

Stay Safe


  1. Sorry to hear about that issue. I use a cradle point also, so I guess I will not be upgrading anytime soon.

    Not sure if it would work for this issue, but I have found that Best Buy can usually fix any issues I have with Verizon. I avoid going to Verizon at all costs. They do not seem to be able to keep employees and everyone is always in training. Those stores make me nuts. So far, Best Buy has been excellent.